Glenaeon’s Co-Curricular Sport Activities

08 March 2023

Glenaeon offers a variety of great activities to engage the students before and after school. Among them are fencing, soccer, archery, basketball and more. Most activities are now full and our students value active engagement in teams or in individual sports.
The Glenaeon fencers meet Thursday mornings in the hall under the stewardship of Coach Andrew S., a very seasoned coach who once coached the Polish female national team!
Athletics/games/fitness enthusiasts meet Friday mornings before school, with Coach Jonas to go for bush runs, do fitness activities, play all sorts of games and learn about athletics events.
The archers meet on a Friday after school on the oval with Coach Simon to aim for accuracy and hit targets that move further away the better they get.
Our basketballers meet on Tuesday afternoons with Coach Evan and we hope to start a Glenaeon basketball team to play in outside school competitions soon.
We invite students to rally other students for numbers to start new activities before or after school. If we have 10 or more students who can commit, we will endeavour to locate a coach for the activity. It is a joy to see so many students engaging in co-curricular sports in a supportive environment.