Glenaeon wins the 2022 'Free the Funk Tips' School Challenge

18 November 2022

Glenaeon recently entered the 2022 Free the Funk Schools Challenge – a competition run by Not for Profit OneWave, which delivers 'Free the Funk’ programs in primary schools, secondary schools and universities to raise awareness of mental health. Tackling issues by encouraging early intervention, connection and conversations to save lives, they share tips and tools that young people can use throughout their lives.

Year 9’s through The Cove Program, entered as part of their learning around well-being and the activities they do in the program and…drumroll……we WON!

The Cove, a wellbeing program targeted at Year 9 sees the whole cohort meet at school at 7:30am on a Thursday. Students are immersed in the bush, running, walking, participate in outdoor yoga and team building games to encourage connection and wellbeing. There are lots of circle discussions during this early hour while sitting in nature. Because the campus is in nature it is used as the main tool to free the funk! During The Cove, students made and painted the leaves after brainstorming individual recipes for supporting mental health.

Take a look at our students work – tips for supporting mental health painted on leaves.  This is an installation which hangs from the ceiling above the tables near the Gentle Café as a constant reminder to students of ways they can look after their mental health.


Leaf of Faith - Year 9 students, 2022


‘The Coves’ wellbeing tree acknowledging recipes for mental health.  The use of fluro colours to make visible these vital and important messages of care that we all need to bring into our lives.  The metaphor of the branch as the ‘tree of life’ – that we all have the tools to live our best lives.

Huge thanks to Donna Miller and Jonas Stoebe for supporting the group on their entry, and well done to the students for their fine work and creativity, but mostly for taking the time to discuss mental health and wellbeing.

The prizes value at over $3,300 will be put to good use at school. Thank you to OneWave and its program sponsors Bupa Foundation and Billabong.