Glenaeon Twilight Concert

17 June 2021

Last week Glenaeon held a Twilight Music Concert. We had students from Class 5 through to Year 12 performing, including some students performing in front of an audience, for the first time.

We ran two concerts simultaneously to a very responsive and appreciative audience of parents and friends. We had our cello ensemble perform also for the first time, with students in Years 6,7 and 8 taking part. It was wonderful for our students to be able to perform again for an audience after such a long time and we had 44 performers overall taking part.

Special thanks to the tutors who helped contribute to the night and especially those that came along to support their students.

We will be holding a second Twilight Concert next term, and we hope to have even more performers should the COVID restrictions allow it.

Thanks to Parents, Erika Hosoyama and Melony Browell for sharing these photographs.