Glenaeon launches “Clubs” program for Students from Class 1 through to Year 10

05 August 2021

We are very excited to announce the launch of a brand new initiative for students in Class 1 to Year 10 during the remote learning period in 2021.  Glenaeon Clubs run from 2:30pm each weekday afternoon  and the first sessions ran on Monday with good attendance across the board.

There are a wonderful variety of activities on offer for students of all ages – from sport to art, book clubs, dance and origami.  Each club’s session length can vary. For example, Art Club runs from 2:30pm-4pm and Sport club runs for 1 hour.  Attendance is voluntary and you can join multiple clubs if you wish (one per day), and all sessions are delivered live.

To find out more about each activity, view the Glenaeon Clubs timetable, and to access the zoom links, please follow the instructions in the guide or click here: