Glenaeon HSC Showcase 2021

03 December 2021

Welcome to our 2021 Glenaeon HSC Showcase

We are delighted to bring you this snapshot of the brilliant work, creativity, imagination and talent of our Glenaeon Class of 2021.

HSC student work originates from courses including Visual Arts, Music 1, Music 2, Design and Technology, English Extension 2, History Extension, Science Extension and Society & Culture.

It wouldn’t be 2021, without making use of a QR code, so these have been adopted to bring our music and some visual arts projects to life as you scan the pages of this ‘book’ with your mobile phone.

During a disruptive year of enormous challenge, we feel immense admiration for our students who have displayed much resilience and tenacity. We feel confident that all these years of a Steiner Education delivered at Glenaeon has served them well in this extraordinary example of finish-line accomplishment.

May this serve as a recognition and a reminder for years to come of these students’ effort and achievements. It will no doubt become a treasured memento for our parents and carers who have also shone during this final year of the high school journey.

To our students, congratulations and well done. To our parents and carers, thank you for your support and participation and care in this culmination of schooling and end of an era.

Andrew Hill
Head of School