Glenaeon Garden Culture

13 September 2023

This is the garden that we are growing

Since 2018 our Castlecrag Garden program has grown from a sporadic solitary Glenaeon School Staff gardener to a dedicated Biodynamic garden teacher and rostered parent volunteers supporting bustling garden classes with Classes 1 & 2, and gentle gardening fun with all Kindies! Children love seeing parents and parents love joining the children's class, supporting the teachers, helping to hold the students while learning the art and science of gardening.

‘Like bees to honey’, parent volunteer presence has attracted fellow parents to sign up for gardening lessons. Parent volunteers create a supportive fabric for our students that fosters social and emotional intelligence. We are delighted to have many parents regularly assist with the garden classes on all three campuses. ‘I learned so much’ is the recurring gratitude from parent volunteers. The children feel the warmth of their parents' interest. It's more than "how was your day today?". It becomes a: "I loved seeing you getting your hands dirty/pushing that cart/cutting down that tree; planting those seeds; tasting that harvest".

Parents report that their children look for possibilities on the home front to apply what they've learned and what they've done in gardening lessons, from balconies to communal gardens. Parent volunteers in gardening lessons are empowered to support this meaningful practice and joy of plant and animal husbandry.

‘I have been looking for a way to be a part of the community. I’m glad to be enveloped by the activities of the Glenaeon Garden Team.

‘It is so good for our urban family to come to school and have these farming tasks to contribute to in the holidays'

‘I grew up on a farm and I recall so fondly the animal care. We are delighted that Glenaeon provides this opportunity to our children year- round’

‘I love the peace of the garden. It is so beautiful: like an oasis.’

A school community that involves volunteers creates a collective consciousness, a supportive group of people with shared values. In the Glenaeon Gardens we work with the earth: creating soil, growing colourful edibles and nurturing animals. Students are learning useful life skills while they connect with the animals, care for our provisional earth and develop insights to address climate change.
For parents and carers who are looking for a way to join and be a part of this community, please feel free to email Sandra: Let’s garden and make social change together: all ages welcome.

Sandra Frain (and Parent Garden Volunteers),
Gardening Teacher