Gentle Hands, Kind Words

06 April 2022

In Term 1 the primary faculty reviewed and clarified our message around bullying and positive behaviour.  As part of this review, we identified our new motto as:  Gentle Hands, Kind Words. 

Primary classes meet regularly, in morning circle or in the afternoon on a weekly basis, to discuss developmental, social and classroom issues as they arise.  Each class enjoyed discussions, role play sessions or stories about bullying – what it is and what action to take.

Students were also invited to draw a poster that illustrates what Gentle Hands, Kind Words means to them.  See images for illustrations of this work.

To support healthy, harmonious, inclusive play we have also begun two initiatives:

  • Lunch Club will occur in the junior library on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays where various games will be on offer for those children who are seeking an alternative from outside play.  This has already been very popular!
  • From Term 2, on Mondays, the round oval will be open to Classes 3-6 for ball free, inclusive games such as bullrush, non-stop tip and other big play that will allow the classes to interact and build our primary school community. 

Classes 3 and 6 have built a beautiful friendship and the Class 6 children even requested a buddy system.  We will be looking at activities that will allow the Class 6 children to mentor and play with their Class 3 friends next term.

We also look forward to resuming our Primary School assemblies from Term 2 to further explore our sense of community and to consider other themes.