Form Drawing and the outside classroom in Class 1

04 November 2021

Class 1 have been exploring form drawing in many formats and using as many outdoor classroom spaces as possible. They have drawn straight, circular and spiral forms, traced them in the sandpit, playground and asphalt, enjoying the open spaces with teacher Monique Anderson. They are working with more challenging forms and shapes that are reflected in the world - in objects, plants, letters, numbers and other living things. This also lays the foundation for understanding geometry in later years. Experiencing the form through many of their senses helps children to understand the shapes that they see in the world around them. They have been hearing stories inspired by the beautiful poppies blooming outside Class 1 - soft, shy and inward, like some of the forms, bright and outward poppies like other forms. Children learn through walking, skipping, jumping, drawing in the air and sandpit, the blackboard and their own workbooks - they are crossing midlines, and working with the understanding of contraction, expansion and reflection.  It's harder than it looks!