Fair Fantastic!

03 February 2022

Saturday’s Glenaeon Family Fair was a feast of fabulous fun for all. A tremendous demonstration of all that Glenaeon holds dear: a focus on children and young people, and on community.  In many ways, our Fair exemplifies the lived Glenaeon experience and for that reason, the Fair is so much more than a fun day out and an opportunity to raise funds for the GPA; it also acts as a powerful expression of who we are and what we do best.

Each year, it is the task of Class 4 parents to carry the overall responsibility for the Fair, in addition we extend our thanks to Kindy - Class 3 parents for your contribution. 2023 Fair Coordinators Korin Virgona and Michelle Glew-Ross were exceptionally well organised, attentive to every detail, and facilitated a keen team of stall coordinators and volunteers in the lead up to the event and on the day itself.  As always, our parent body responded to the call for support and the resulting impact was a Fair laden with high quality items for sale, family-focused activities and, despite the intermittent showers, an atmosphere that hummed with a strong sense of community.

It would be remiss not to make mention of Korin’s extraordinary effort to document and digitise the many years of Fair documents and inventory that will allow future Coordinators to access a bank of resources to streamline the coordination process. We are very grateful for this.

A host of activity and stall coordinators supported the key facilitators and we are incredibly grateful to each of you for your support of this event. A full list appears below (Click 'Show more'). In addition, I’d like to call out a number of school staff and teams who worked hard to ensure the School support for this event allowed all to run smoothly and exceed expectations. Special thanks to the Event, Marketing and Maintenance teams, ably led by Aimee Taaffe, Kath Kissell and Mike Thompson, and to Castlecrag Administrator, Melony Browell, who is only now resurfacing from behind the collections of Fair related material!

All the best for a wonderful weekend,
Diana Drummond
Head of School 

Fair Coordinators

Korin Virgona

Michelle Glew-Ross

Logistics Coordinator

Jochen Schweitzer


Paula Saunders

Mike McCormack

Carlos Soares

Logistics – school staff

Melony Browell

Chris Scrogie

Michael Thomson

Mary Goodridge

Kai Shaefer

Sonny Valdes

Aimee Taaffe


Kath Kissell

Tamara Louis


Jochen Schweitzer

Rye Harper

Danielle Ferrari

Art & Craft Silent Auction

Melanie Harper


Alex Pampel (GPA)

Christine Ling


Tim Ross

External Stalls

Karina Schlieper

Aimee Taaffe


Sahar Manesh

Frank Manesh

Set up & pack up

Rob St Clair

Charles Lill

Andre Vianna


Rino Petkovich

Stage building

David Camacho (Kindergarten)

Captain of Compost

Jimmy Zhang


Brendan Daniel

Melony Browell

Volunteer Lanyards

Guchi Garcia Guevara – Class 2

Lunch Cafe

Shane Watson

Kristina Watson

Nick Meredith-Jones


Nina Juliadotter

Kathy Wong

Dennis Wong

Coffee Shop

Bec Hinzack

Bo Hinzack

Chai Tent

Jennie Lill

Charlotte Hendry

Sushi Stall

Jung Ah Kim

Nobuko Daniel


Nina Cruz

Lemonade & Popcorn

Deahne Moore

Penny Mapp & Class 3

Children’s Grotto

Lisa Zhou

Charlotte Fayle & Kindergartens

Parent Craft

From Class 1:

Sylvia Robinson

Maria Snell

Charlotte Fayle

Mirka Jakusova

Alex Bell

Alice Martin, Bodhi Sherrot ( Class3,5) & many parent crafters

Recycled Toys

Alice Martin – Class 1

Pre-loved clothes

Rhys Karame-Kemp – Class 1

Pre-loved books

Scott Jamieson

Produce Stall

Catherine Lee

Craig Lee & Class 3

Cake Stall

Emma Kidman

School showcase

Michelle Cabena

Elizabeth Ellean

Enrolments stand

Sunita Shah

Biodynamic gardening Q&A

Sandra Frain

Ball in a bucket

Andre Vianna

Boat making

Marliesa Peitzman & Kindergartrens


Alice Martin – Class 1

Candle Making

Leisa Tough – Class 1

Coconut Shy

Kristian Cruz

Crystal Mining

Will Xue

Jiao Xue

Dunk Tank

Michael Ryan

Face Painting

Jessica Strobl

Brendan Strobl

Henna Tattoo

Doris Antivilo

Jacob’s Ladder

Meghan Hay

Lollipop Climb

Will Kidman

Paper Planes

Charles Lill

Photo Booth

Poppy Roxburgh

Rupert Roxburgh

Prince of Pockets

Sarah de Lancelle & Class 2


Amity St Clair

Sandra Frain

Jonathan Shaw

Natalie Choo

Succulent Planting

Elise Pioch Balzac

Pablo Chappell

Tie Dye

Lisa Taylor

Matt Taylor

Wooden Toys

Chris Virgona

Thomas Briault