Extreme Gardening Gold

06 April 2022

In our gardening lessons this term, Class 6 has been learning about the effects extreme and excessive weather has on plants and the environment.  A very relevant topic given our heavy rains of late.  Students observed how all this rain has moved around and through our garden area and the resulting damage. The erosion of soil and the movement of debris was in clear evidence near the hall and Class 6 went into action.  They worked with materials on hand to slow and redirect the water flowing, as well as prevent more debris from moving downhill.  Great effort Class 6!

Class 6 also took on the task of building biodynamic compost heaps from materials we have received during Term 1.  Six large holding bins full of food scraps from our Gentle Café and K-2 Campus, cardboard and paper collected from classrooms, chicken straw from our chicken coop, cow manure, rock minerals and grass clipping were all used to make two large compost heaps.  We look forward to harvesting “gardeners’ gold” at the end of Term 2.

The Garden team welcomes any autumn leaves and or animal manures (cow, horse, sheep, alpaca) you may collect during the school holidays. Bags and containers can be left at the Biodynamic Garden at Middle Cove campus. Please do NOT drop off at our Castlecrag campus. Contact Kathy or Sandra with any queries via email or