Eco Literacy Starts With Babies!

14 August 2023

In our Glenaeon playgroups we practice ongoing eco-literacy. We observe the trees and plants and rocks, explore by stroking trees, patting, and tickling flowers and multi-shaped leaves too.

We carry the rocks, roll them and grind them to make potent rock dust for the Glenaeon garden soil health. 'Iron' and 'basalt' are the words we learn to identify the colours of red and blue-black stone. We sing to the plants and give thanks for their magnificence as we play beneath and around them.

Nature is welcomed into the playgroup rooms to form the basis of our stories and enhance our baking table too. (Elizabeth Cooper our Glenaeon Little Kindy Assistant picks up wind scattered flowers, leaves, branches and banksia cones on her long walk to school.)

One Nona gave thanks to the pumpkin in the story our playgroup leader Natalie Choo told, her twin grandsons are now asking to eat pumpkin which they had rejected before, ‘making friends with pumpkin’!

Our Playgroup families (and educators) are most grateful for the beautiful campuses that Glenaeon Playgroup is held on, Preschool and Castlecrag with their abundance of flowers, shrubs and trees that make a child friendly haven for nature exploration and learning.

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