Diwali Festival

04 November 2021

Happy Diwali! There was so much beauty and magic in our Preschool day today as we celebrated Diwali the Hindu Festival of Lights. Our teacher Pooja made a delicious rice porridge for morning tea. After our park play, we came together and Pooja captivated the children with a Diwali story she had written and a joyful, exuberant song and dance. A mandala of flowers from the children’s gardens was created by all and left as a beautiful natural Diwali gift for the park community. The children were delighted at the return of a lunch favourite of Idlis before resting with the magic of their clay diya candles shining light into the darkness. Avi then surprised his friends with a gift of bracelets to celebrate Diwali through dressing up beautifully. Thank you so much to Pooja and Avi and his family for sharing this special day with us.


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