Happy World Teachers' Day

03 February 2022

Today is World Teachers’ Day in Australia, a day where we stop to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of all those who support the learning and growth of children and young people in our schools. At Glenaeon, our gratitude extends to the entire teaching staff, tutors, and our extended professional services team. In short, the entire staff. In whatever role, our people come to work each day with a core purpose; to improve the lived experience of the students we serve. Together, they form teams who create opportunities, solve problems, support and counsel, teach, think and act with integrity as well as heart. They are, quite simply, incredible humans, and it is a privilege to work alongside them each day. Thank you!

Have your say!

A reminder that the annual Parent Survey closes this coming Monday, October 30. Please take time over this weekend to provide feedback and have your say. Your feedback will be analysed carefully and directly inform our planning for 2024 and beyond.

Upcoming opportunities to Engage

  • Come along and hear more about Glenaeon’s new Wellbeing Framework next Thursday 2nd November. You can register here.

  • The Fair! The Glenaeon Family Fair is only 8 short days away. Our Fair Convenors and myriad of supporters are busy with last minute arrangements and set-up plans. If you haven’t already, please volunteer to help out on the day. Every hour of support counts!! Register here.

  • Glenaeon’s next Strategy is being shaped currently through a detailed strategy development process. Parents and carers can attend an upcoming session on Wednesday 8th November to hear about our progress and provide input. You can find out more and register here.

I look forward to seeing many of you at tonight’s Celebration of Life for Jonas Stoebe. This promises to be a moving and special tribute to honour Jonas and the enormous contribution he made to our school community. If you are coming and are yet to register, please do so here for the latest information.

Diana Drummond
Head of School