Creative crafters from Castlecrag!

19 August 2021

Handwork at home is currently supported with a lot of resources that have been sent home  as well as videos, patterns and an online Craft Club to encourage children (and parents!) to join in. This is an opportunity for all to undertake many craft projects and even learn new skills, or make something new with the skills they have! The children in Class 1 have been finishing their beautiful recorder bags with plaited handle, and are moving on to make woven pouches, finger-knitting and even some beginning to knit with needles! Handwork teacher Elizabeth Ellean has prepared may instructional videos and resources so that the children can make any number of wonderful things from home.   Class 1 & 2 are having a go at ponchos, beanies, weaving ideas and even the tricky Egyptian 8-string plait. Well done, clever crafters! We love to see your creations!

Craft Club with Merryn is on Friday afternoons at 2:30pm - come along to enjoy time together crafting, asking questions about your projects and seeing other faces too!