Counting Castles in Class 2

19 August 2021

Class 2 are building the Coloured Castle in their Mathematics Main Lesson with teacher Rodney Dean. They each have cuisenaire rods at home and are learning more complex mathematics equations, learning to build the castles of numbers - literally, the building blocks of math! Rodney's colourful drawing and explanations both on Zoom and pre-recorded help the children as they deepen their understanding of multiplication with larger numbers.

The story follows a character who is building a hospital and he needs a LOT of bricks. He learns that instead of counting each brick individually, he can use strategies to calculate an area of bricks to make it easier and quicker. His problem is that there are more bricks in each row than he knows time tables for - rows of 30 for example - so he needs to use his prior knowledge of numbers to split 30 into 3 x 10 bricks and then work out the number of rows he has... and he DOES know his ten times table! It saves him so much time too!