Coronavirus Advice from Head of School, Andrew Hill

28 January 2020

Coronavirus Advice

Dear Glenaeon Parents and Carers,

Welcome to 2020! We look forward to seeing your children this week for the start of the school year. There is one matter however that needs attention prior to our commencement.

You will be aware of the coronavirus outbreak that originated in the Hubei province in China, and now the presence of confirmed cases in Australia. The School has been monitoring the situation to ensure the safety of our community as we prepare for the return of students.

Having taken all advice into account, the School has decided to take a prudent approach and requests the following:

•    If your child has travelled to any part of China, including Hong Kong, over the school holiday break, we ask that you keep him or her at home for 14 days from the date of departure from China;

•    If your child shows flu-like symptoms such as fever of respiratory symptoms, including a cough, we encourage you to visit a GP and ask that you inform the School via the office on your child’s campus;

•    If you yourself have recently been to China, we ask that you refrain from attending start of school year functions;

•    If you travelled to China over the break, please contact the office of your child’s campus with details of where in China you travelled and what date you arrived back in Australia.

If you have any questions, the following website provides regular updates on the virus 

With best wishes for the start for 2020,