Constable Darren on empowering students to make informed decisions around drug taking & alcohol use

20 August 2020

Last week, Senior Constable Darren Cairns, from the Youth Liaison team at Chatswood Police Station attended Glenaeon’s Middle Cove campus and gave a presentation to our Students in Year 9, and later to a group of our Year 10 and 11 students.

Senior Constable Cairns talked to students about vaping, alcohol and illicit drugs.  His presentation unveiled to the students the damage that can be done not just to their own physical health, but to mental health, and the effects on friends, family and the wider community. He also spoke about some of the legal implications for drug use and drug selling.

Parents are often understandably worried and feel anxious about the thought of their children taking drugs and getting caught up in the wrong crowd. At Glenaeon, we want our kids to be safe and to learn how to make good choices about all illegal and legal substances. This presentation gave our students the opportunity to learn of the realities of how drug use can affect their lives, and their families lives.  It gave practical and moral advice on what to do if a friend was in danger and struggling, and to not hesitate to call an ambulance a situation warranted action. We educate in a way that develops an inner strength in each student, gifts a self-confidence, and imparts the skills needed to deal with perceived or real peer pressure. Constable Darren also gave advice on how to party and stay safe, and how to avoid trouble and still have a good time, and to value good health and take care of each other.

Our thanks to PDHPE teachers Donna Miller and Jonas Stoebe for their work with the students on this important health initiative.