Congratulations Glenaeon HSC Class of 2023!

14 December 2023

Dear Glenaeon Community,​

​It is with immense joy and pride that I share the excellent achievements of our HSC graduates of 2023.​

The journey undertaken by Glenaeon's Year 12 students not only reflects the school's ethos but also showcases their ability to navigate profound questions about human purpose while immersing themselves in a rigorous academic program.​

​The diverse range of courses pursued this year is a testament to the breadth of passions among Glenaeon students. We celebrate admirable achievements across various subject areas, demonstrating the holistic nature of education at our school. At Glenaeon, we take pride in being deliberately non-selective and ensuring that every student graduates with an HSC credential.​

​Behind the scenes, the hard work and dedication of our students have been commendable. This success is a result of collaborative efforts; the in-depth understanding of HSC courses provided by our dedicated staff, and the integral role played by parents and carers in nurturing the growth and development of these young adults. Thank you both.​

To our graduating Class of 2023, we extend our heartfelt congratulations. Wishing you all continued success and fulfillment in the future.​

Diana Drummond​
Head of School

Glenaeon Class of 2023 HSC Results

  • 99.30 Top ATAR Maadi Prasad
  • All-round Achievers students achieved a result in the highest band (Band 6 or Band E4) in at least 10 units of study: Maadi Prasad
  • 50% of eligible students received at least one university early offer
  • 84.28 Median ATAR
  • 71st ranked school in the state (as published in The Daily Telegraph 14/12/2023)
  • 56% of students on the Distinguished Achievers List
  • 48% of students studied extension courses
  • 65% of students achieved in the top two bands (B6/B5 or E4/E3) in one or more courses
  • Distinguished Achievers - students achieved highest band possible for one or more HSC courses:
    • Natalia Bennett - Visual Arts
    • Bibi Cassidy - English Advanced, Visual Arts
    • Mya Hill - Business Studies, Music 2
    • Natalie McDowell - Visual Arts
    • Hana Peter - English Advanced, History Extension
    • Maadi Prasad - English Advanced, Mathematics Extension 1 (2022), Mathematics Extension 2, Music 2, Physics
    • Nathan Sharp - Biology, Drama, Earth & Environmental Science, Mathematics Standard 2
    • Alex Smyth - Mathematics Advanced
    • Oscar Street - Mathematics Advanced
    • Anouk Swanepoel - Visual Arts
    • Flynn Tanner - English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Mathematics Standard 2, Modern History
    • Sophia Thompson - Drama
    • Keizo Tomishima - Business Studies, Mathematics Advanced, Physics
    • Frederick Watson - Mathematics Advanced
    • Anouk Swanepoel (nominated)
  • Smart Expressions
    • Bibi Cassidy (selected)
    • Natalia Bennett (selected)
    • Natalie McDowell (selected)
    • Sophia Thompson (nominated)
    • Eva Petkovich (nominated)
  • [EX]plore Science Extension Conference
    • Anouk Swanepoel (best poster prize)
    • Alex Smyth (poster)
    • Jolan Leforestier (poster)
    • Nathan Sharp (presentation)
    • Maadi Prasad (presentation)
  • VET and SBAT Courses
    • Eliza Johnston - Certificate III in Design Fundamentals
    • Taras Sagan - Certificate III in Beekeeping