Congratulations Glenaeon HSC Class of 2022!

15 December 2022

Statement from Elizabeth Nevieve, Acting Head of School

I am very pleased to report on the outstanding results achieved by our HSC graduates of 2022.

Glenaeon's Year 12 students exemplified the school's ethos, with each young person finely navigating important inner questions concerning human purpose whilst immersing and engaging themselves in a rigorous, academic program. The range of courses undertaken this year reinforce the breadth of Glenaeon students' passions, with very fine achievements noted in diverse subject areas.

Glenaeon's recognition of accomplishment acknowledges the very hard work that underpins high academic performance. On equal footing, is our deep respect for and understanding of each student's personally unfolding journey through the final year of their secondary education. As a non-selective school that intrinsically values all aspects of human growth, on this day we are certainly highlighting student performance that reinforces Glenaeon's firm standing within the context of an academic tradition, and we most importantly give overall praise to each young person within our graduating class for their attainment of the HSC credential.

Standing behind our students' achievements are my colleagues and the students' families. I extend sincere thanks to our senior teachers for their professionalism, care and expertise. Their in-depth understanding of the nature of the HSC courses, coupled with their knowledge of how students learn, enabled those in their care to move through the year with confidence. Parents and guardians, you are an integral part of your child's becoming and education. Thank you for working so closely with the school and for the trust you have placed in us. We are immensely proud of our students for their deep, academic striving and determination to achieve their personal bests. We wish them every success in the future.

Warm wishes,

Elizabeth Nevieve
Acting Head of School

Dux of 2022
Riley MacPherson -ATAR 98:00 - We congratulate Riley on his outstanding achievements across the board which saw him gain a Band 6/E4 result (above 90) in all of his courses. Riley completed 11 units, studying Business Studies, English Advanced, Modern History, History Extension, Textiles and Design (studied externally), and Visual Arts. In addition, Riley must be congratulated for having his Major Works included in two HSC Showcase exhibitions, presenting exemplary works from across the state.

ATAR Over 95
20% of Glenaeon graduates achieved an ATAR over 95

ATAR Over 90
35% of Glenaeon graduates achieved an ATAR over 90

HSC Showcase Inclusions:
Public exhibitions of a selection of exemplary HSC Major Works:

  • ArtExpress: Pipi Joannou, Riley MacPherson and Olivia Pethard
  • TEXStyles: Riley MacPherson (course studied externally)

2022 HSC All-round Achievers (Band 6/E4 in 10 units or more) Riley MacPherson

2022 Distinguished Achievers List (Band 6 or E4 result in a course)
15 of 20 students were noted on the distinguished achievers list and received 25 mentions between them. Of the 103 examinations sat, 27% resulted in top band achievement, including three notional Band 6 awards in Mathematics Extension 2.

  • Particular congratulations must go to the following students who have been recognised on the Distinguished Achievers List 2022 (Band 6/E4):
  • Wesley Arconati - Business Studies
  • Remy Brown - Business Studies
  • Alexander Dow - Visual Arts
  • James Gianoutsos - Construction Examination (studied externally)
  • Andrew Hicks - Mathematics Extension 1
  • Pipi Joannou -Visual Arts
  • Grace Leong- English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Mathematics Advanced
  • Isak Lindsay - Business Studies, Modern History,
  • Jaydon Low- Mathematics Standard 2
  • Riley MacPherson - Business Studies, English Advanced, Modern History, History Extension, Textiles and Design (studied externally), Visual Arts
  • Scarlet McQueen - Visual Arts
  • Olivia Pethard - English Advanced, Visual Arts
  • Maadi Prasad - Mathematics Advanced, Mathematics Extension 1 (accelerated mathematics student)
  • SiYun Tan - Mathematics Extension 1
  • Minyu Vandenberg- Music 1

Students who undertake the demanding Mathematics Extension 2 course do not sit the Mathematics Advanced paper. The students noted below achieved a notional Band 6 award for their Mathematics Extension 2 result.

  • Marcel Cope
  • Andrew Hicks
  • SiYun Tan

Significant Achievement (Band 5 or 6 / E3 or E4 results in a course)
77% of examinations sat resulted in an HSC mark over 80 (40/50 in the case of an extension course)

100% of students in the following subjects achieved in the top two bands (Bands 5/6 or E3/E4)

  • Design and Technology
  • English Extension 2
  • History Extension
  • Mathematics Advanced
  • Mathematics Extension 1
  • Mathematics Extension 2
  • Music 1
  • Textiles and Design (studied externally)
  • Visual Arts