Congratulations Glenaeon HSC Class of 2021!

20 January 2022

2021 HSC Results Statement from Andrew Hill, Head of School

I am delighted to be able to congratulate the Class of 2021 whose HSC journey has been one of the most difficult in living memory.

Glenaeon’s Year 12 of 2021, like all HSC students in the state, have set the bar high in their response to unprecedented challenges. They have all met these circumstances with strength and goodwill, stood together and weathered the storm of COVID restrictions and exam uncertainties with an equanimity which belies their years. Their character has certainly been forged in the fire of adversity and they take with them a strong foundation of resilience to build their future lives. My advice to students has always been that success at the HSC is not so much about how smart you are, but how smart you work: they will learn skills in managing themselves that will last a lifetime. This year’s cohort has learned something even more: how to stay the distance even when the finishing line is stretched further than you ever thought.

Well done, Class of 2021, we are proud of you: your efforts, your strength, your resilience and your determination. We look forward to seeing you go forth and do great things!


Andrew Hill
Head of School

2021 HSC School Rankings

Glenaeon was placed equivalent to 100th in the State based on The Sydney Morning Herald’s 2021 School Rankings of HSC results based on top band results as a proportion of examination papers sat. Our candidature in 2021 was 22 students who achieved a top band result in 17.5 % of the 114 exam papers they sat.

The Herald list only includes school which submit 150 or more papers, so our school does not register in the list. Our position is calculated on the equivalence with schools which scored the same proportion of top band results.

Our average ranking over four years (2018-21) is 70th maintaining our position well within the top 10% of high schools offering the HSC in NSW.

Significant Achievement (Band 5 or 6 / E3 or E4 results in a course)

63% of examinations sat resulted in an HSC mark over 80 (Band 5/6 or E3/E4)

100% of students in the following subjects achieved in the top band (Band 6 or E4)

  • English Extension 1
  • Music 2

100% of students in the following subjects achieved in the top two bands (Bands 5/6 or E3/E4)

  • English Extension 1
  • English Extension 2
  • German Extension
  • History Extension
  • Japanese in Context (studied externally)
  • Mathematics Extension 1
  • Mathematics Extension 2
  • Music 1
  • Music 2
  • Music Extension
  • Science Extension
  • Spanish Beginners (studied externally)
  • Visual Arts

Distinguished Achievers List (Band 6 or E4 result in a course)
10 of 22 students were noted on the distinguished achievers list and received 20 mentions between them. Of the 114 examinations sat, 17.5 % resulted in a top band including a notional Band 6 in Mathematics Extension 2.

Particular congratulations must go to the following students who have been recognised on the Distinguished Achievers List 2021 (Band 6/E4):

  • Ryan Agnew – Chemistry, Visual Arts, (Mathematics Extension 2 notional Band 6)
  • Elliott Benson – Business Studies, Mathematics Standard 2, Modern History
  • Lilly Borrud – Music 2
  • Joseph Gilmore – Music 2
  • Cameron Henwood – Mathematics Standard 2
  • Scout Higgins – English Advanced, English Extension 1, German Continuers, Visual Arts
  • Kauri Palmer – English Advanced, Modern History, Visual Arts (completed in 2020)
  • Daniel Schuster – Visual Arts
  • Alex Shaw – Business Studies, Mathematics Advanced
  • Tom Shaw – Biology, English Advanced

Congratulations to Scout Higgins for her nomination for ArtExpress.