Compost Building - all hands in the pit

27 November 2020

It's time to fill the Deep Pit Compost at Castlecrag and begin the cycle of creating our next load of compost, which will be ready for Term 1, 2021! After distributing all the existing rich compost over the last weeks, the compost is filled and layered with grass and leaf clippings, fruit and vegetables, pre-composted paper and hand-towels, lime, straw and biodynamic preparations. We even had assistance from Mary Heard, a keen biodynamic gardener and our previous administrator to help the compost building. The children also came to learn about and scatter the biodynamic preparations of nettle, oak bark, chamomile, yarrow, nettle and dandelion, adding rich compounds and nutrients to the soil. These, alongside the valerian biodynamic preparation that will be added last, will help to activate the process of breaking down the matter into rich, living soil.