Combined swimming carnival

15 March 2019

Four Steiner Schools took to the Pool

It was a glorious autumn day when 4 Steiner schools took to the pool of Kur-in-gai Fitness & Aquatic Centre in West Pymble on International Womens’ Day, Friday 8th March.

Ca. 350 students joined the heats and races from the Newcastle Waldorf school, from Maitland’s Linuwel school, the Central Coast Steiner School and 155 Glenaeon students. The perfect weather and sunshine added to a very positive, warm and inculsive swimming carnival in which those who love swimming had a chance to demonstrate their skill and to shine while others had a chance to proof that engaging in something that challenges will bring positive effects as many of my individual conversations with students on the day showed.

While the individual 50m races in breast stroke, freestyle, back stroke and butterfly demonstrated great individual quality and determination, the medley relay teams showed a great picture of how passionately the different colour teams (blue, red & green) worked together to add more points to their respective colours points. A record 30+ teams swam their hearts out and the schools, age groups and genders were all mixed up in a most wonderful way!

The fastest medley-relay student teams then had the pleasure to race a record four teacher teams that again was a great mix of teachers and volunteers from many schools!!! And for the first time ever two of the teacher teams won their races!!!

Novelty races and entertaining pool games wrapped up a very entertaining day in the sun with lots of opportunities for all to swim, chat and get to know other students and other teachers to strengthen the Steiner bond across our wonderful NSW state and to  acknowledge each other this way! The BLUE team won (547) by 99 points, Red team came second (448 points) and only six points behind in third position was green with 442 points.

Free coffee for all teachers courtesy of the inviting school Glenaeon was very well received by all participating teachers and was brought to their respective position by the pool by a non-swimming student coffee-run team!

A great success to start celebrating 100 years of Steiner education in the world!

Hope we can do it all again in 2020!

Cheers Jonas