Class Rolls and Autumn leaves

04 June 2019

The rolls at Castlecrag are very beautiful

The rolls at Castlecrag are very beautiful and the children love to bring them to the office. The children in Catherine's kindergarten love bringing the rolls to the office so much that when it wasn’t their turn to take the roll they just sat down and made their own. The wonderful learning possibilities in imitation! Little Kindy children have been swirling and twirling their way through the yellow, red, golden, orange and brown colours of Autumn just like the Autumn leaves that have been falling all around us over the past few weeks. They have learned Autumn songs, made Autumn crowns, an Autumn wreath and wind catchers. A little coconut shell boat sailed into our safe harbour with the helping hands of one of the children and tiny echidnas have found a burrow to hibernate in over the colder months. Even though there has been icy cold wind this week baking carrot cake has kept us warm and our tummies satisfied.