Class One monkey bar fun

20 September 2019

The monkey bars are a feature in the Castlecrag Class One and Two playground, and are enjoyed by many students during morning recess and lunchtime. In addition,each morning, Class One undertakes an obstacle course, including any combination of climbing along the monkey bars, balancing activities, rope wall climbing, slippery dip, skipping, handstands, crawling, hopping, partner activities and tracing patterns and shapes with their steps. 

This happens before the children enter the classroom. It assists in developing the children's motor skills, balance and coordination, which has been shown to facilitate deeper learning, improved concentration, mental processing and learning ability. Certain motor skills and coordination exercises use the same brain pathways as those used for learning and memory. Activities such as these have been shown to help with reading, mathematics, problem solving and logical thinking as well as improve visual perception and processing, which naturally assists all learning in the classroom. What a beneficial and fun way to start every day!