Class 6 Mosaic Tiled Wooden Stumps

08 November 2023

The wooden stumps came from our own Middle Cove campus, and were from a dead bloodwood tree designated to be cut down during 2023 Term 1 school holidays. Our school Bush Regenerist & Groundsperson, Lindsay Sherrott, was happy that part of the tree could be recycled and used by Class 6, and ensured that the right lengths of wood were cut and put aside.

Parent and designer maker Robbi Pittorino then prepared the stumps and allowed them to dry at his workshop over Term 2. Class 6 children decorated the stumps with the support of Art Teacher, Julia Byrne. The inspiration for mosaic tiling came from their Ancient Roman History Main Lesson. The mosaic designs depict the sun and moon, based on their Astronomy lesson and the rainbow swirl is connected to the light/Physics Main Lesson.

Well done Class 6, these pieces of art were a much sought after submission in the Glenaeon Family Fair 2023 Silent Auction.