Class 6 gather by the light of the Moon

03 June 2021

This year our wonderful Class 6 Teachers Brendan and Michele have introduced a class gathering at Manly beach to celebrate each full moon rising. So far we have gathered three times, the last being the incredible blood moon.

At each gathering the children share a beach picnic before fun and games with siblings, parents and our super fun teachers on the sandy shores. However, as the moon shyly makes her first appearance upon the watery horizon, all stop as the group takes this moment to admire her magnificence and take in the gentle rhythm held in gentle firmness by her.

It is a sacred event and one which will hold our class throughout the year. Teachers will include the full moon rising in class discussions as well as class learning and activity.

Personally I couldn’t imagine a more magical gift for our children than to learn and gather in such an incredibly meaningful monthly celebration of our beloved Mother Earth.

Rachelle Rose (Class 6 Parent)