Class 6 design and construct winter garden structures

17 June 2021

This term Class 6 has worked in the biodynamic garden in small groups on a large project.  It has taken them many weeks to complete.  Their task was to design and construct vertical structures to support winter climbing crops such as snow, snap and shelling peas.  The students made biodegradable pots for germinating their seeds, and refreshed their knowledge on key aspects of string climbing structures by deconstructing (mindfully and methodically) our summer climbing structures.   Each group determined their design plan, chose their materials and set about construction. They inspected other groups structures as well as their own and made recommendations for improvement. They also made the necessary improvements to their structures and planted their young pea seedlings.

Well done Class 6 on your efforts and the high standard of your work. Now we watch and nurture and look forward to bountiful harvests in the months to come!