Class 6 Camp

17 June 2021

Class 6 camp is always a wonderful trip and was this year, for extra special reasons. 

The Class 6 camp covers a lot of ground and includes many special sites. What makes it so significant for Class 6 is how it ties in so many of our main lessons.  This term we studied Geology and on camp we got to visit the Abercrombie Caves and The Warrumbungles, as well as the Somerville Collection at the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum in Bathurst. Just before going on the camp we had finished our Australian History main lesson and on camp we stayed in the goldfields and visited the Gulgong Pioneers Museum, both bringing to life many of the things we had studied. 

As well as all this, we got to camp for three nights in the Warrumbungles with the Outdoor Environmental Education team taking us hiking up the top of the Warrumbungles and a special treat, rock climbing and abseiling. One night we spent watching the stars with a guide and a telescope. Students got to recall many things they had learnt during our astronomy main lesson early in the year.

What made our camp extra special was that we were able to visit Edgar, our Gardening Teacher on his property and help him in his garden!  

The camp made many lifelong memories for the students bringing us all closer together, and all made even sweeter as we had been unable to camp last year. An amazing trip was had by all!