Class 6 Pioneers Camp

30 May 2023

At the end of May, just before sunrise, Class 6 took to the road over the Blue Mountains and out to the western plains. Three Class 6 main lessons were the focus of their camp adventure; Australian History, Geology and Astronomy. Their first destination was Bathurst, the town of the first Gold Rush in Australia. Their visit included an opportunity for the children to try their hand at gold panning and learn about life on the gold fields. Story-telling, blacksmithing and a visit to a Chinese Joss House contributed to an imaginative re-enactment of life in the gold fever town in the 1850’s. They also visited the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum and saw some amazing fossilised ammonites, fish, crabs and leaves, alongside a magnificent display of minerals, crystals and gemstone specimens.

They did not reach their campsite, in the Warrumbungles, until late and after a hearty meal, they slipped into their cosy tents. They woke the next morning to frosty conditions but warmed by the fire with bowls of steaming porridge. By 8am the sun came out to melt the frost, and all the intrepid campers set out on their Grand High Tops bushwalk. A rugged, winding ascent of the ancient volcanic landscape led to the iconic dyke called the ‘Breadknife,’ which stands a massive 90 meters tall. Here at the top of this windy height, the view of the igneous lava domes and rock formations in a 360-degree panorama was an awe-inspiring experience and worth the long and steep climb.

That evening the students and teachers had a marvelous opportunity to look at the moon, and become familiar with the stars, planets and constellations with the naked eye, as well as through a telescope. The next day the students enjoyed an exciting abseil experience down a 18-metre rock face. Although many were scared, standing on the precipice of the steep drop below them, they gathered their courage and were exhilarated by the descent. The camp was an overwhelming success thanks to the amazing outdoor team, who ensured safety and nourished bellies with delicious, nutritious food. Many thanks, to Class 6 Teacher Cathy and Scotty, Jason, Enya and Michelle for supporting the Class 6 students through a memorable and magnificent camp encounter.