Class 6 and Yr 10 Create Poetry...Together

12 July 2023

Nicholas Greenfield's Yr 10 English class and Lynne Collett's Class 6 library class have both been studying poetry. The teachers saw an opportunity to join forces and work collaboratively with a small group of students. With kindness forming a central bond, Class 6 invited the Year 10 students to the Junior School library to help them with their poetic compositions. The resulting poem, ‘Kindness Is’, offers a unique insight into the thoughts and feelings of two generations of Glenaeon students, carrying a powerful message that only mirrors the nurturing environment in which it was crafted. Enjoy the thought-provoking poem below.

Kindness Is

Kindness is sometimes hard to describe.

Trusting your bus driver to give you a ride.

Sharing with a neighbour,

without asking for a favour.

Kindness holds your heart in place,

and puts a smile upon your face.

Kindness is friendship. 

But is bullying, too?

Let’s think about choices:

Good choices are good. 

Bad ones are bad.

So which rhymes with which?

We think bullying stays ‘bad’.

And the people who hurt,

deserve another chance.

To give kindness to others,

returning like a boomerang.

Me? I receive generosity through love,

and love through generosity.

I devote my life to those,

who would devote their life to me.

I build foundations of trust,

I fly like a dove,

shedding feathers of care,

and moments of love.

So what then is kindness?

Kindness is special.

Kindness is brave.

Not everybody has it, 

some kindness crave.

Kindness is given, by mothers and brothers.

It's hard at first, but in kindness we dance.

And wait. Once you get it, believe me you prance!

And the people who hurt.

Deserve kindness, too.

Give kindness to others,

and it’ll return to you.