Class 5 continue Australian History

19 August 2021

In continuation of study of Australian History 'Into Tangled Ravines', Class 5 have been learning about the first few years of settlement. The aboriginal tribes suffered greatly during this time, and the history of Windradyne and the hundreds of indigenous tribal lands was explored. They followed explorers Matthew Flinders, Hovell and Hume, John Oxley, James Ruse, Lawson, Wentworth & Blaxland in their respective journeys inland and circumnavigations. Class teacher Katherine Arconati delivered a rich online curriculum, including an online live excursion to the State Library about the First Fleet, a film-making project from each student on one journey and artwork lessons with Glenaeon Art Teacher Julia Byrne. The children are also reading a text called Tom Appleby Convict Boy which brings their history studies into vivid imagination. The children first made their own antiqued diaries using coffee and tea leaves and have been writing beautifully sensitive responses to the novel, exploring highly relevant themes such as courage and resilience.  Below is a response written by Eleanor Rush in response to the “courage cloak” described by Tom Appleby.