Class 5 study the Ancient Civilisations

20 May 2021

Class 5 have been exploring the rich history of the ancient civilisations of Persia, Mesopotamia and Egypt. Titled ‘To Roam No More’, this reflects the defining moment when civilisations are born and settle, cultivating crops through the seasons, no longer roaming the lands. The classroom is shining with the students’ work - paintings of ziggurats and the Persian god of the sun and all creation - Ahura Mazda, clay sculptures of Egyptian mummies and a variety of Egyptian gods and goddesses. The blackboard, drawn by Class 5 teacher Katherine Arconati, is simply beautiful, as is the main lesson book work of the students.

In addition to various artistic experiences, the class have heard many ancient stories, mythologies and now histories of these fascinating cultures.  They then engage in the arduous task of remembering these stories and rewriting them in their own words before putting the pen to paper and beautifully writing and illustrating them in their main lesson books.  The final step on this journey will be an Egyptian research project.  Watch this space for a follow up article at the end of term!