Class 5 makes 'dough' despite the rain

25 March 2021

Traditionally, Class 5 gardeners host Pizza Day each term with the help of Class 7 Food Technology students who make all the pizza dough.  They utilise fresh ingredients grown in our Middle Cove Biodynamic Garden to create delicious hot pizzas to sell to their fellow students at lunchtime.  This activity combines gardening, health and nutrition, culinary skills and service to their community!  

This Tuesday however, plans for making pizza were washed away in the torrential rain that had fallen on Sydney. Fortunately, they are a resilient group.  With the support of their Garden Teachers, Kathy and Edgar, they sheltered in the Gentle Cafe and baked herb and cheese bread rolls instead. 

“That smells so good!” was a phrase heard across the campus.  A total of $220 in donations was received from students and staff for their tasty snacks.  Monies raised from these lunch events will be given to a worthy cause chosen by Class 5.

Hopefully, next term the weather will be friendlier and there will be pizzas for lunch.  Well done Class 5 and thank you to all the helpers who provided support with this class activity.