Class 5 Journey to Ancient Greece

07 October 2021

Class Five finished  the term with an introduction to Greek Mythology.  Ancient Greece marks a period in human cultural development of great balance.  It is a time where humanity developed an advanced sense of aesthetic form alongside an attention to the structure of society through government and democratic processes.  The life of the mind evolved to become the essentials of philosophy and profound mathematical discoveries.  Children in Class Five sit poised on the cusp of puberty, and they too experience a sense of inner balance at the completion of childhood and a profound inner awakening.  Hence, the choice of these studies perfectly suits their stage of development.

The children loved hearing the stories of the imperfectly humanist gods and goddesses. They each completed a project in which they read, wrote, illustrated and retold the story of one of the 12 Olympian gods.  They also heard tales of the first heroes before the fall of troy.  Despite the challenges of distant learning, their work continues to demonstrate their devotion to beauty and their ever emerging capacities for writing and expression.