Class 5 Greek Olympics

26 October 2023

What an absolute triumph of resilience, teamwork, and skill we witnessed on Monday at the 2023 Class 5 Greek Olympics.
Glenaeon were thrilled to host Kamaroi Rudolf Steiner School at our Middle Cove campus for a great day building on their exploration on the origins of the early Olympic Games. After an Opening Ceremony conducted by Zeus and athlete parade, the Games were officially opened! Students took to discus, javelin, sprint, long jump and traditional Greek wrestling, as well as 400m and relay events. The students cheered each other on all day and huge thanks goes to Lucy, Sarah, Jamie, Kim and Michelle and parent volunteers who organised the sporting events, sewed costumes, made chariots (!) Our sincere thanks and acknowledgement to all these staff for honouring Jonas’ memory and creating a wonderful day for the Glenaeon and Kamaroi children.