Class 5 reconnect with community Indian Festival

06 April 2022

Class 5 Parents reconnected on campus as Class 5 students celebrated their recent Main Lesson topic with an Indian Festival. Students had dressed in traditional Indian dress, incense filled the air, woven fabrics and elephant ornaments decorated the veranda outside Class 5. The students sang, chanted, played instruments and danced.

The crows and the kookaburras observed from the nearby gums.

The sun shone bright as members of the Hari Krishna Temple “ISKCON” group performed Kirtan meditation. The guests also shared their knowledge, mantras, song, music, and food which was shared as a feast and a Class 5 community celebration.

The Festival was a culmination of the ancient Indian mythology main lesson called, “The Sacred Songs of India”. Whilst immersing the class in the colourful stories from the Vedic epic “The Mahabharata”, the children are introduced to the three main gods; Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Protector and Shiva the Destroyer. However, the stories are an interweaving of gods and humans.  The gods appear in human form and humans are able to perceive and converse with the gods. There is a repeated theme of personal hardship and sacrifice, made in order to attain higher realms. Renunciation of power, wealth, comforts, and pleasure, portend a path to enlightenment.