Class 5 and the 2021 Olympiad!

03 December 2021

The weather gods were smiling on us and set the tone for a wonderful day of healthy competition, great sportsmanship and great fun as Class 5 participated in the 2021 Olympiad! This wonderful occasion was a celebration including dance, music and verses, and of course the chance to compete in friendly competition events that date back to the ancient Greek Olympics. This event is a highlight in the Class 5 annual calendar and an integral part of Steiner physical education in the primary years, celebrating the beauty of physical movement in and through sport.

Students were dressed up in tunics and were part of the four city states of Athens, Sparta, Thebes and Corinth.  “Zeus” declared the games open.  Events included a “marathon” 400m, 100m sprint, Long Jump, Discus, Javelin, Relay races and a new event this year – Chariot racing with wheelbarrows decorated for each City State: Thebes, Sparta, Corinth, and Athens.

The students cheered each other on, helped each other out, worked together in teams and cooperated with each other.  There were big smiles all round, all day!

Class 5 Teacher Katherine Arconati and PDHPE Teacher Jonas Stoebe were fantastic hosts and organisers. Everything ran smoothly and on time.  Katherine had taught the children a song and dance that they performed at the opening ceremony and Jonas was chief of scores and tallies as well as teaching sporting techniques, and looking fabulous in a toga.

Participants shared lunch with table absolutely groaning with food - thank you everyone who contributed, it was much appreciated by all.  Thank you to all of our parent volunteers who manned the various events, took scores and times and generally helped out all day.  Thank you Angela for the food and the olive wreaths. Thank you to everyone who made this day such a memorable one for our children.