Class 4 Paper making with Elizabeth Ellean

25 June 2020

Handwork Teacher Elizabeth Ellean took Class 4 through a paper making session as a part of the History of Writing Main Lesson. Students used recycled paper pulp from plant fibres strelitzia (bird of paradise leaf stems) to make the paper. Students used moulds and deckles to make the shape of the paper by hand, pressing and drying it, by pressing it to the window. They also pressed the paper onto patterned brickwork and the bark of a tree to dry. With the plant fibres students tried to simulate what the Egyptians would have done with the papyrus, which is layering the fibres one on top of the other and pressing them together. Class 4 had lots of fun with this activity. The History of Writing is one of the most activity based Main Lessons in the syllabus. The children also made ink and a quill and soon in Handwork the children will be making a cross-stitch fountain pen holder for their new pens.