Class 4 explore the History of Writing

23 June 2022

Class 4 are working through their History of Writing Main Lesson.

Titled “Stone, Clay, Pen and Ink” students are exploring the world of history looking at writing, an activity that they do each and every day, and how it has come to us as a gift from our ancestors. Students have looked at the origins of writing as a sacred activity used for ritual purposes, and how this has gradually adapted to more practical purposes such as record-keeping. From the picture scripts of ancient Egypt and Sumer and the runes of the northern people of Europe Class 4 have immersed themselves by writing using stone, clay, pen and ink. 

Yesterday, Class 4 hand-made paper on which to write.

Class 4 discovered that paper can be made from a variety of fibres including rice which was popular in China.  Also, that papyrus was used by the ancient Egyptian people to make paper. In more recent times, wood pulp is used to make paper.

The children made paper from the bird of Paradise plant they had harvested and in the style as the Egyptians. By pressing the sinews and fibres that have been softened through boiling the plant stalks in soda ash the children experience the slowed down version of the paper making process.

Class 4 also enjoyed making paper from recycled matt board and paper blending it with water to make a paper porridge.  After squeezing the water from the sheets in a press, the children tried pressing the some of their paper sheets to a tree, brick walls, window glass and left flat on their painting boards. In a few days the papers will dry and will be used to for future projects.

The children really enjoyed immersing themselves in this topic and deep learning through this very practical and hands-on lesson.