Class 3 Create Wooden Chopping Boards

23 May 2023

Every Thursday after lunch, Class 3 break off into three groups and enjoy an afternoon of either gardening, cooking or woodwork. In woodwork, their busy hands have created wooden chopping boards.
With the support of their Class Teacher Prue Ritchie and parent volunteers, they started with a square of pine wood each and had the choice of an apple, bird, fish or cat shape. Together, they sawed, filed and sanded by hand, to create a treasured and practical piece of art to take home and enjoy with family.
Although the students declared "it was tiring work", they were very proud of their finished products. When asked what they might use it for at home, one student said "to cut cheese" another said "to cut apple for my lunchbox".
This is an example of their truly practical Class 3 curriculum and developing the will to learn, create and share.