Class 3 discover Middle Cove campus windfall

11 February 2021

Handwork lessons in Class 3 skipped off to a great start this year, with the children taking a walking tour out into their new bush playground and beyond. Together we discovered new pathways leading to new big school areas. With their class teacher Lucy, we walked from their classroom down to the garden, past students working in their classrooms and we met café operators Marian and Peter. On the way we practiced walking quietly past classrooms, taking the steps down the hill carefully, safe road rules as well as observing play spaces and outside boundary areas.

Most importantly we collected interesting windfalls from the trees and bushes to wrap in our bundles to print onto cloth and parchment paper. Class 3 have commenced making their library bags and soon will be using them to take home their first books from the junior library. Firstly, they started embroidering their initials onto their straps and soon the children will sew their straps to their leaf print cloth.


Everyone is excited to see how their bundles turn out when they unwrap them.

Welcome to Middle Cove campus Class 3!