Class 2 swap apples for beach cleanup

17 March 2022

Class 2's plan to go apple picking was washed out by the rain and flooding roads, so they changed direction and headed up to Patonga Beach to join in the big beach cleanup taking place. Families met and helped drag larger items to the shore for the barge to collect, whilst others picked plastics, polystyrene and other rubbish out of the piles of wood and debris that covered the whole beach. It was a satisfying day organised by a school family that ended in a big picnic undercover as more rain arrived! The debris travelled in the floods down the Hawkesbury River, taking with it building materials, white goods and household contents. Every small piece counts, especially when we are saving it from getting out to the ocean. As one student accurately said "The fish mistake the small pieces of polystyrene for food, thinking it's good for them, but it's not". Thank you Class 2 students, siblings and families! Class 2 will go apple picking in Term 2 instead!