Class 2 reflect on 2020

27 November 2020

Class 2's final Main Lesson for the year is a beautiful 'Reflections' Journal, with a poem encapsulating their year in poetry, script, artwork and embroidery. They are carefully sewing their own covers and filling the book with a poem about their year's work and journey. It will be a special keepsake of 2020 and their last year at the Castlecrag campus, before moving next year with their teacher Lucy Armstrong to the Middle Cove campus to begin Class 3. Their poem reads:

"Our Class 2 journey began, in the morning sun.
With a Rainbow Bridge we welcomed children, starting in class one.
Our first Main Lesson was nature studies, we travelled far from home.
Following the journey of Nino, a brave and curious gnome.
Each day we practiced skip counting, so we would be on track.
To sing our times tables, both forwards and back. 
Weaving her web, Ava spider did wake.
The wonderous beauty of patterns, our number families make.
The King of Ireland Son, was a highlight of the year.
An epic tale of courage and the will to persevere.
It took great effort to learn our play, we pulled together as one.
And on the day we performed with pride; the King of Ireland’s son.
We learned this year to write in cursive, joining our letters with pride.
Each week we’d try to solve a riddle, with Lucy as our guide.
Counting in the thousands, we can add and minus now.
Using knowledge of place value, the squirrels taught us how.
The Saintly lives of people, we explored in Term 4.
Their inner striving power, lives in us for evermore.
St Francis as a youth, pledged his life to the light.
And Offerus did show, his courage over might. 
Painting, dance, creative play, stories that fill our hearts.
We explored, all year round, the magic of the arts.
Class two’s nearly over,
and Christmas is almost near.
We will cherish memories, of our great second year."

- Lucy Armstrong -