Class 2 making Seasonal Wall Hanging

18 August 2022

With the Glenaeon Family Fair coming up in November, many class groups have begun to work on a piece of their own handwork and art for the 'Silent Auction' - these will be actioned silently as the day progresses, with the lucky winner taking home an artwork. This collection of hand-made work by the students from Kindergarten to high school is simply stunning and a wonderful reflection of the skills and beauty they develop over years in art, design and technology and handwork. Class 2 has begun making a 'Seasonal Wall Hanging' - and are busy long-stitching small panels of seasonal inspirations. They will create an image that reminds them of each season which will be carefully brought together into four beautiful hanging pieces. Thanks to the wonderful parents and teachers for assisting these projects to come to fruition - they are always a focus and favourite destination at the Fair! Watch this space and be sure to visit the Silent Auction room at our Fair to see and bid on these clever student creations.