Class 2 Family Day At Canoelands Orchard

10 May 2023

Last Sunday the Class 2 children, with parents and siblings along with Class Teacher Jamie Loftus, visited Canoelands Orchard near Dural for our fruit picking family day. The children happily played in the fresh country air before gathering in the orchard's 'classroom' to learn about the wonders of honey bees from another 'Jaime': 3rd generation orchardist and beekeeper. Everyone loved this session and the children asked great questions of Jaime and Jamie; the class will be learning more about bees back at school soon.

Winter came early on Sunday and everyone brought their woolly layers, with rain clearing to blue skies just in time for a merry tractor ride around the orchard. Then, it was time for fruit picking, and the children skipped along with their baskets and bags harvesting tomatoes, persimmons and limes - spotting beehives and farm animals along the way. Families gathered for a warming picnic lunch, enjoyed some more playing and chatting on the orchard grounds, with a last visit to the animals before home time.