Class 2 Castlecrag Legacy Celebration

07 December 2023

On the last Wednesday of Term 4, Class Teacher Jamie Loftus and Class 2 presented their legacy gift to the Castlecrag campus. Present were Class 1 Teacher Jonathan Shaw, Kindergarten Teachers, Specialist Teachers, Teachers’ Assistants, Campus Administrator and a number of parents.

After some lovely words from Jamie, the students recited a poignant verse representing the meaning of Class 2’s time at this campus. The students played a beautiful kookaburra song on their recorders, and gave cards they’d made for each staff member present. Jamie then presented two pots with native flowering gums. The pots were beautifully decorated by the students using chalk, with a little guidance from Jamie, drawing representations of the four seasons. They now stand radiantly between the classroom and the playground.

Class 2 offered another living legacy to the campus - organic carrot and sunflower seeds, carefully planted in garden beds by the students with Jamie and Gardening Teacher Sandra Frain. With a little watering and care, these will grow into crops of bright flowers and healthy carrots for next year’s Class 2 to harvest and enjoy with Class 1 and the whole campus.

Castlecrag Campus

In the realm of Castlecrag, where memories reside,

A place of dreams and laughter, that parents and teachers did provide.

Children's hearts, full of wonder, their spirits running free,

At Castlecrag Campus, a haven, where we all came to be.

Learning, oh, the joy of discovering new things,

Unravelling mysteries, like birds on the wing,

From numbers to letters, and stories told,

Castlecrag a place of wisdom, you nurtured every soul.


But it wasn't just the lessons that made our hearts sing,

It was the friendships forged, like a golden spring.

Playing in the courtyard, our laughter filled the air,

Oh, Castlecrag Campus, your magic was everywhere.


Gardening became our solace, a sanctuary of green,

With soil between our fingers, a world yet unseen.

We learned the art of patience, as seeds began to grow,

Tending to nature's beauty, watching it bloom and glow.


Crafting and painting, our souls set aflame,

On canvas, colours dance, stories without a name.

With brushes held tight, our spirits take flight,

Masterpieces born, everlasting delight.


Oh, Castlecrag Campus, we're grateful for the years,

For the memories we hold, like treasures, so dear.

You shaped us into dreamers, with hearts full of grace,

With gratitude in our souls, we'll forever embrace.


For the lessons learned, the friendships shared,

For the gardens blossoming, the artistry declared.

Castlecrag of wonder, we thank you from our core,

For the time with these children and the adults we've grown to adore.

By Jamie Loftus - Class 2 Teacher