Class 2 Animal Fables and kind deeds at home

13 April 2020

Class 2 have been very busy in their learning at home activities.  From a focus on the Animal Fables Main Lesson writing to celebrating Rufus’s birthday by having a dress up party on Zoom together with his class mates, Class 2 have been keeping the connections with school and friends. Children have completed book work and have also expressed creativity with beeswax sculptures inspired by the fable stories Lucy has been sending them via audio file each night.  Class 2 were also invited to undertake ‘kind deeds’ in the home. Some of the kind deeds performed include: Andre making his Mum a sandwich and a drink, Eloise helping her sister dress up, James patting his cat and Harley making a delicious snack for a family member. What a great thing to do at this time – showing kindness and compassion to others. Well done Class 2 students for your wonderful gestures of good will to spread a little bit of cheer.