Class 2 Aesop's Fables

04 April 2024

Class 2 have been exploring the world of Aesop’s Fables with Class Teacher Jonathan Shaw. These include so many wonderful stories that reflect the complexities of human behaviour, told through insightful and often humorous stories as animals outwit, outsmart and help each other in entertaining moral tales. The name of Aesop has been with us for nearly two and a half thousand years. Ancient writers have rushed to emphasis Aesop’s unappealing physical appearance and the fact he was only granted speech after visiting Isis’s Temple, but whatever the truth, the stories produced by Aesop continue to speak clearly and most elegantly in 2024.

“Before you eat me, Mr Wolf,” said the Kid-Goat. “May you not pipe a tune on your flute? Though it seems I must say goodbye to this world, I would like to dance one more time.”

“But of course,” said the Wolf, smiling as he took out his flute. “I do so love to play music.”

Class 2 have had a merry time not just listening to these tales of wisdom, but in re-enacting them, speaking them in verse, drawing them in our Main Lesson books and working in sentences that capture something of their spirit, whilst perhaps learning something of morality, choice or human nature along the way.

Oh – and in the story above – the Kid-Goat somehow evades the Wolf, who had become so enraptured of his own flute playing. And the moral is…?