Class 1 walk the Rainbow Bridge

03 February 2022

On the first day of school in 2022, Class 1 children met in the Kindergarten playground with their teacher from last year, Sarah David, Senior Teacher Catherine Pilko and Deputy Head of School (K-6) Dani Finch. They shared their morning song together before walking through the playground up to the Class 1 area. Class 2 children formed a beautiful 'Rainbow Bridge' with a long silk and flowers. The Kindergarten teacher then said goodbye and gave each child a flower to take with them 'under the rainbow bridge' to the other side, where their new Class 1 teacher was waiting. The year's Class 1 teacher, Jamie Loftus, received them and they made their way as new Class 1 students. The special 'Class Teacher' period thus begins, and Jamie Loftus will now guide these children through their primary years with the help of other specialist teachers. The rain did not dampen the enthusiasm or enjoyment of this beautiful rite of passage.