Class 1 Walk the Rainbow Bridge

18 January 2024

Beginning Class 1 is a lovely step for the children, made even more special with the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ event. On Wednesday our Class 1 children met in the Kindergarten playground where excitement and anticipation filled the air. They were supported by their kindergarten teachers Deputy Head of School Dani Finch. They shared their morning song together before walking through the playground up to the Class 1 area, their new haven at school. The Class 2 children formed a beautiful 'Rainbow Bridge' - a tunnel made with long silk and flowers. They sing a lovely song called “Make New Friends”. The Kindergarten teacher shared a farewell for now and gave each child a flower to take with them 'under the rainbow bridge' to the other side, where their new Class teacher, Emily Watts greeted them with a warm smile. 

The children then make their way onto the balcony of Class 1 and their first day in the Class Teacher Period begins! This is an important right of passage and a symbolic moment in Steiner education philosophy and ignites the beginning of the Class Teacher journey. Emily will form special bonds with each child and nurture and guide these children through their primary years with the supportive assistance of other specialist teachers. Parents then come together for a shared morning tea, with Senior Teacher Catherine Pilko and Dani Finch welcoming and sharing insights about the first days and weeks of Class 1.